Total security in your visit

to Coves de Sant Josep

In Coves de Sant Josep our main priority is the safety of our visitors, and now more than ever, after the Covid-19 crisis, protocol measures have been adopted with the aim of guaranteeing that visits meet the optimal requirements.


The measures adopted have been carried out based on the guidelines established by the International Association of Touristic Caves (ISCA) and government recommendations.

Get to know the safety measures taken in Coves de Sant Josep

About the visit

To make the visit, do I have to wear a mask or other protection measure?

Yes, the use of a mask will be necessary throughout the visit.
* At the Photo Point of the cave, the mask can be removed keeping the distance with other visitors.

Any recommendations to take into account?

After the health crisis, as a preventive measure, we recommend that people over 70 or with cardiorespiratory difficulties do not visit.
Nor if it presents any type of symptom related to Covid-19.

How long is the visit?

The visit to Coves de Sant Josep lasts approximately 50 minutes.

What is the temperature in the cave?

The interior of Coves de Sant Josep maintains a constant temperature of 20º / 21º throughout the year, a very pleasant temperature when making the visit.

What type of clothing is appropriate to wear?

Most of the visit is done sitting in the boat, so we recommend comfortable clothes that facilitate boarding and disembarking. On the walk through the dry gallery the floor is paved, although in several areas, due to the natural dripping of the cave, the floor may be wet, so we recommend a comfortable shoe.

Can I take photographs?

Yes, along the route of the visit there is an enabled space where you can take photographs.

Can children under 4 years of age make the visit?

Yes, they can make the visit accompanied by an adult. Children less than 1m tall can visit for free. (The height will be checked at the entrance of the cave).

How many people can board together?

After the health crisis, the capacity of the boats is reduced, 10 people per boat can board to respect a safety distance between visitors.

Can I visit alone or with my group of friends or family?

Yes, if you want to visit alone, only with your partner, group of friends or family, you can purchase a boat paying the full price of all the tickets per boat, that is, as the maximum number of people per boat is 10, you will have than to buy the 10 tickets



How can I purchase my ticket?

Tickets can be purchased online or at Coves de Sant Josep ticket office. We recommend acquiring the ticket online since they ensure the visit and avoid queues. In addition, after the health crisis, we recommend buying online as a preventive measure.

No reservations are made by phone or email.

Is there a price difference if I buy my ticket online or at the box office?

No, the ticket price is the same, but we always recommend that the ticket be purchased online since they ensure the pass.

Do I need to print my ticket if I buy it online?

It is not necessary to print the ticket, showing the mail with the purchase confirmation you can access the visit.

Why can't I buy a ticket online the same day?

Tickets cannot be purchased online for the same day since they are blocked approximately 24 hours before. On the day of the visit, only tickets are sold at the box office, so we always recommend that, if you know that you are coming beforehand, you purchase your ticket online.

There are no online tickets for the day I want to visit, can I buy them at the tickets office in Coves de Sant Josep?

Yes, you can buy your tickets at the box office, but remember that the daily ticket capacity is limited, so if you do not have an online purchase we recommend (strongly in the summer months) that you go during the box office opening hours. In case of coming later, availability may vary depending on the influx of visitors

Are there any discounts?

Yes, we have discounts for children, retirees, large families, disabilities and groups. You can find all the information at the following link:

→ Prices


Is there a parking service?

Coves de Sant Josep has a large free parking lot.

Can i eat there?

Coves de Sant Josep is located in the Paratge de Sant Josep. The site is a natural space conditioned with a picnic area and barbecue, in addition to green areas, where you can take some food.

You will also find a variety of restaurants, cafes and restaurants at the entrance to the site.

What services does the site in which Coves de Sant Josep is available?

The Paratge de Sant Josep is fully equipped to spend a great day. Discover all the services that the place offers in the following link:

→ Our environment