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Singin’ in The Cave 2023 is here!

Coves de Sant Josep offers us, one more year, a unique and incomparable experience. Visit a magical environment and enjoy a live concert that only a few will have access to. One more year, Singin’ in the Cave presents an incomparable essence. Do not miss a show like no other.

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Meet the 6 artists who will perform in this edition:


Ángeles Toledano

He is combining the production of what will be his first record, together with guitarist Benito Bernal, with a concert tour that has led him to perform at festivals such as Flamenco Fests in London, the Spanish embassy in Vienna, the Teatros del Canal (within the Suma Flamenca Joven program) or the Flamenco Art Festival of Catalonia.

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Jacobo Serra

He will present acoustically ‘Twelve’ (Warner, 2023), his most personal and imaginative work to date: a conceptual LP inspired by the drama and contrast of the four seasons to reflect on the adventures and misadventures of a lifetime.

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La Karmento

Starting from author song and pop, Karmento tells timeless stories through his music, enriching it with folklore and traditional music.

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Valeria Castro

The very young Valeria Castro is the owner of a sensitive, fragile voice, conducive to chills. Born 23 years ago in La Palma, she belongs to that very new generation, familiar with the terminology of trap, tanganas, reggaeton or perreo.

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Jero Romero

Jero Romero returns, seven years later, and he does so with “Miracoloso”, an album that is pure craftsmanship and whose limited vinyl edition sold out in a few days. It is a self-managed project, just like his two previous solo works (“Cabeza de león” and “La grieta”).

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Carmen París

She is an artist, composer, pianist and lyricist who has renewed the Aragonese jota and has revitalized Iberian folklore, masterfully mixing it with rhythms and melodies from the Mediterranean, Africa and America. National Award for Current Music 2014, he will present at Singin’ in the Cave ‘París al piano’, an intimate, close show, where he does not hide or keep anything.

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For security reasons, modifications have been applied compared to previous years. Please, read the indications of the event before going to it.

This summer safely enjoy a unique musical experience in an incomparable natural environment.

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