Measures against Covid-19

In Coves de Sant Josep our main objective is that our visitors can enjoy to the maximum discovering a unique natural space. That is why, as a result of the events that occurred in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic, guarantee measures have been taken.

The measures adopted have been established based on the guidelines established by the International Association of Tourist Caves (ISCA) and government recommendations.

* All the measures will complement the norms already adopted previously to carry out the visit.

How to visit Coves de Sant Josep safely?

– As a preventive action, we recommend, as far as possible, that the purchase of the tickets is made online. In this way, visitors not only ensure their visit pase, but also avoid possible infections.

– People who are sick or have any type of symptoms should not visit the cave. 

– It is also not recommended that people over 70 or with cardiorespiratory difficulties visit the cave.

– During the entire tour of the visit, the use of a mask will be mandatory.

– At the entrance to the cave, each visitor will have to disinfect their hands with hydroalcoholic gel. The gel will be provided by the staff. Also a device to clean the sole of the shoe.

– Visitors must keep a safe distance on the jetty of at least 1.5 meters. This distance will also have to be carried out at the entrance of the cave in case there is a small queue.

– If you visit the cave in a group, either with family or friends, you can be together as a group but separated by that distance from other visitors (or groups of visitors).

– During the tour of the cave, there will be several points with hand sanitizer, such as the jetty, and other spaces, where visitors can touch railings or the like.

– The capacity of the boats will be reduced to groups of 10 people (almost half the previous capacity). In addition, visitors will be seated keeping a preventive distance between them.

What security measures have been adopted in Coves de Sant Josep?

– All staff will use face mask. Safety distances will be maintained and disinfectant hand gel will be used throughout the day.

– The cave spaces will be disinfected throughout the day, such as boats, handrails, railings, signage, etc. Also box office spaces, tourist info and sale of photos.

– After the day, the managers of each space must clean and sanitize each area. The services of the site, such as common areas and bathrooms, will be thoroughly cleaned.

– Before the reopening, disinfection and cleaning of Coves de Sant Josep and the Paratge de Sant Josep was carried out.

What security measures have been taken in the Espeleokayak activity?

– Due to the type of activity, its capacity and the fact that great distances can be maintained between the members of the visit, the use of masks is recommended.

– In spaces such as changing rooms or at the entrance to the cave, if this distance cannot be met, it will be necessary to use the mask.

– As in the boat visit, before carrying out the activity, disinfectant gel will be provided.

– After each visit, all the caving-adventure materials used for the activity (helmets, kayaks, non-disposable monkeys, paddles …) will be thoroughly cleaned. Also the changing rooms and spaces used in the activity.