A visit to the heart of the Earth

The adventure begins

Saint Joseph’s Caves are an adventure in the core of the Earth, a unique natural space where visitors will discover new sensations: the impressive silence, only broken by the dripping of water and the movement of the boats, the mystery of the origin of the water and the feeling of travelling through time. Inside the caves, the time is frozen and visitors can notice the peace and mystery surrounding them, as well as the dream atmosphere created by rocks and water.

Inside, natural formations of calcite (stalactites and stalagmites) are combined with a harmonious artificial lighting and the natural dripping of water, which create an unforgettable experience.

A look back at the past

Saint Joseph’s Caves, which reach uncertain depths, were home to the first inhabitants of the area. Remains of their presence were found inside the caves, as well as archaeological sites which prove that Saint Joseph’s Caves were inhabited more than 15.000 years ago (Upper Palaeolithic) and schematic cave paintings dated to the post-Palaeolithic (7.000 B.C.).

Nowadays, the visitor will find a representation of augmented reality of the archaeological discoveries found in the surroundings. Besides, both archaeological works as well as underground and aquatic works of speleology are still ongoing so as to learn new information about the mystery of these caves.