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Saint Joseph’s Caves are located in La Vall d’Uixó, in the core of the Costa Azahar and the Mediterranean Sea, and at the main entrance to the Natural Park of Sierra de Espadán. In Europe’s longest underground navigable river, the visitor will reencounter nature and the sense of peace and harmony which only the Earth can give us.

It is a unique and mysterious place, whose rocks have been moulded by water throughout thousands of years, and where humanity found home in prehistoric times. Archaeological finds, rocks which seem to be handmade, a perfectly treated lighting and the peaceful passing of water turn it into one of the most important referents of the national tourism in Spain.

The Iberian settlement

Saint Joseph’s Iberian settlement is located at the top of the hill with its same name. Although it was built in the Bronze Age, its splendour period took place during the Iberian Age and at the end of the Roman Empire. The settlement includes a small walled area which is protected by square towers and some remains can still be found there.

The wall is a work of stonemasonry in which unequal stones were joined. It is small and only a minimum part has been dug out so far. However, the settlement is a great example of the Iberian town planning since it preserves a large part of its acropolis, its wall (more than 40 metres), two square towers, streets, stairways and remains which prove that this place was inhabited.

Main entrance to the Natural Park of Sierra de Espadán

La Vall d’Uixó offers unforgettable routes for hiking lovers since it is the main entrance to the Natural Park of Sierra de Espadán.

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