65th anniversary

It’s our anniversary!

This year we are celebrating the 65th anniversary of the first official exploration into Coves de Sant Josep. In the year 1954 a group of speleologists wanted to know what secrets the cave held.
After this exploration, the attention to the caves increased and the affluence of tourist went up. Since then this natural site began a transformation to promote the tourism activities and the conservation of the environment.
The caves opened to the public in 1929. Since then there has been a movement of touristic transformation of the place, promoting the care and conservation of the natural environment.

Today, archaeological works and speleological explorations that have been discovering more sections and cavities of the cave are still being carried out, although the origin of its waters is still unknown.

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Les Coves de Sant Josep

A unique natural environment

The cavity is visited on a quiet boat trip, accompanied by a Guide-Barquero, sailing the underground river, more than three kilometers long explored at the moment, traveling 800 meters by boat (blue zone) and 255 by foot (brown zone ). There are more than two kilometers, at least, inaccessible to visitors at the moment (red zone and beyond).

The visit lasts approximately 40 minutes, with a constant temperature of 20º throughout the year.

A river of sensations

Located on the Costa de Azahar, in the heart of the Mediterranean and at the gateway to the Sierra de Espadán Natural Park, Les Coves de La Vall d’Uixó is the longest navigable underground river in Europe, where the visitor You will find the nature and the sensations of peace and harmony that only Earth knows how to give us.

Saint Joseph’s Caves is an adventure in the core of the Earth

Unique natural place

Visitors will discover new sensations