65th Anniversary

This year we are celebrating the 65th anniversary since the first speleological expedition was carried out by a group of professionals at Coves de Sant Josep.

Coves de Sant Josep, known and inhabited for more than 17,000 years, are part of the life of the inhabitants of La Vall d’Uixó, part of its memory and feelings.
They have also become part of the memory of all those who, after visiting them, have been embellished by its beaut, formations and the special boat ride through its waters.
This trip full of experiences to the center of the earth would not have been possible without the work of all those who, over the years, went into the cave to discover what secrets held inside.

Looking back, it all started at the beginning of the 20th century, in the 20s. In those years some small explorations were made, but with few results. Also, the cave began to be promoted touristy.
Thus, in 1929 Coves de Sant Josep opened its doors touristically. Tourists visited the cave through platforms on the sides of it, in addition, there was installed a primitive illumination. The visits arrived to the Boca del Forn, the known limit of the cave at that time, going through the Bats Room, known back then as Sala de las Maravillas.

Since the tourist opening of the cave, small explorations were made, but with little progress.

But, it is not until September 1964, when the first professional exploration was officially carried out by the ‘Valencian Excursionist Center ’.
This professional exploration, after the entire movement of tourist transformation stopped because of the civil war, is what increased again the interest in Coves de Sant Josep.

Over the years, more speleological and exploration work has been carried out, what let us know more and more about this wonderful natural environment.

This year is a great year for Coves de Sant Josep.

At the beginning of the year the cave lighting and communication system was completely renewed with the aim of keeping the cavity in the best conditions possible and this new lights respect the environment to the fullest.

In addition, during this year and previous years, explorations have been carried out by the EOM Group of Speleology and diving, producing great advances in the exploration of Coves de Sant Josep, describing the terrain and its topography in a exploration journal.
Coincidentally, the X exploration to Coves de Sant Josep by the EOM group will take place the same month in which the first official exploration was carried out in 1954.

That is why we want to celebrate the importance of the tasks made, and the ones that are still on, that permitted us to enjoy the cave today. From archaeological works to speleological explorations, work care and conservation.

We want to recognize the great work of all the people who have made it possible that this tourist resource has become what it is today, a unique reference of tourism in Spain and Europe.